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For our Children…
       Shabbat Play & Learn
       Junior Congregation

The Jewish Youth Connection
      Sunday School (K-2nd)
      Hebrew School (3rd+) JYC

Post Bar/Bat Mitzvah Club
      Torah study

Coming Soon:  Me & My Dad Tefillin

We meet at the following times:

Sundays: 9:00am-11:00am for grades K-2 and  9:00am-12:00pm for grades 3+.

Tuesdays: 4:30pm-6:30pm

Consent Form-Field trips

The Jewish Youth Connection (JYC) at Northbrook Community Synagogue is an exciting new religious school that blends experiential learning with peer tutoring to create a learning environment in which kids of all ages feel engaged and want to attend. Community is the basis of our educational philosophy. To that end, we are far more than just a religious school. We deliver an educational experience for the whole family and look forward to learning from you as well. We inspire connections and friendships that extend beyond the classroom. Your children will love coming to class and will receive a quality Jewish education while they are here,

Our program meets twice a week at our synagogue, and once a week via a virtual classroom. Our virtual classroom, new this year, allows students to get an extra day of learning and shared time with their classmates, without having to leave the comfort of their own home. Commute times are no longer a factor as children merely log on from their computer at home.

We also offer adult learning for parents once a month, as a way to share what your children are learning as well as engage the whole family in Jewish topics. Our adult learning also allows the families to get to know each other and expand the sense of community. See below for our full-year calendar. The Jewish Youth Connection is lead by our Principal Shoshana Axler, with the support and direction from Rabbi Aaron Braun. Please email office@northbrookcommunitysynagogue.org with any questions, comments or to enroll now!

Call our office to inquire and if you want to meet the Principal, Shoshana Axler:

A Word from our Principal, Shoshana Axler

“I am honored and thrilled to be the principal of the religious school. Our school offers new opportunities for our children as we bridge the gap between our school and the community. It’s a joint effort of the parents, members of the shul and the staff to help our children and school grow in the years ahead.

Our mission in the NCS Religious School is to connect children to the synagogue and the Jewish community. Our goal is to teach the skills needed to fully participate in Jewish communal life and the ebb and flow of the Jewish year and life cycle. We want our students to feel comfortable in the synagogue and to grow into active Jewish adults. 

Please join us in our journey and get involved in synagogue activities.”

-Shoshana Axler

Shoshana Axler is the Synagogue Family Educational Director. Shoshana is a native Chicagoan and was educated at Stern College for Women at Yeshiva University. Ms. Axler is a career teacher with two decades of experience in elementary and adult Jewish Education. Her reputation as a dynamic educator and creative programmer is well known throughout the Jewish Education Community. She is respected not only by students and parents but by Jewish community professionals as well.


In the meantime, please contact us to receive registration form by email.

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